For which department does Selective Crew recruit?

We recruit for retail positions Sales Associates (Duty Free Shops On board)

How do I apply for a Sales Associate job?

 Please click on our Apply Here Section of our website and complete the application form. In addition to filling out your basic information, you will need to upload a photo attached to your resume ( the size limit for each of these is kb) Please do not expect an immediate answer as we receive a large number of resumes.

I don't see any job opening listed that match my profile. Can I still submit my application?

We encourage you to to submit your application only if you have the profile for the position offered.

What is the next step after submitting my resume?

After checking your if you have the qualification requested, one of our recruiters will contact you by email. Please note thats could take some time.

I submitted my application a few months ago, but I haven't heard back from Selective Crew. What should I do?

Due to the large volume of application that we receive, we are not always able to inform all candidates

Where can I check for updates regarding job openings and events?

Please visit our Facebook page for updates, news, and discussions: we will also post updates on our blog

What will be covered in my pre-screening interview?

In our interviews, we aim to assess whether or not you are a good fit for the job by evaluating your experience, personality, qualifications, and motivations.

Based on the results of the interview, and verification of work references, we will decide whether or not to short-list you for final interviews with a client. If you require improvement in some area, we will advise you.

Can I do my pre-screening over skype?

While we prefer to conduct pre-screening interviews in person, we may also conduct Skype interviews for candidates who are far away from our location.

Why do I need to submit proof of prior work experience?

As part of our  pre-screening process, we verify applicants work experience to ensure that the crew who we recommend to our clients have the required experience for the position. At your pre-screening interview, you are required to provide a minimum of one, but preferably two verifiable references for prior work experience. We require at least one form of written verification (including dates) for each company reference. These can include letter of reference, employment contract, confirmation letter, recent performance review and/or pay slip. We will also ask for the names and contracts details of your references.

How are final selections conducted?

We short-list candidates who best match our client’s requirements, and then our clients make the final selections. We will inform you well in advance of the interview schedules and will conduct orientation sessions to help you learn about the company and the position.

Do I have to pay application or placement fees?

Selective Crew ‘s application and placement process is free of cost and open to all genuine candidates (MLC  Compliant)

Does Selective Crew work with other agencies or accept applications from "sub-agents?

Selective Crew has not authorized any person or agency to act on our behalf, and will not consider any applications submitted by any other agencies.