What could go wrong when submitting a resume online?

Even if you are a qualified candidates a small error on your resume could mean the difference between the opportunity to land the job or not. These are some common mistakes to avoid:

1. Spelling and grammar errors

Editing your resume to eliminate spelling and grammar errors might seem obvious; this resume mistake has been a topic among recruiters. Go over your resume to make sure all is good and ready to be submitted.

2. Incorrect or missing contact information

Contact information are very important when building a resume is the way recruiters can follow up with you in the event they are interested in your qualifications, it also denote a lack of professionalism.

3. Using a mail address that is not professional

As a recruiter this is a common one and honesty it shows disrespect for yourself, I wouldn’t mention any of those emails, but for the records make it look like e.g: or something close.

 4. Irrelevant information

Make sure your qualifications matches the job description, if your resume is not relevant to the job you wouldn’t be called.

5. Not using the right format for your resume

Some job description includes the format recruiter wants your resume to be sent, it could be that they have everything setup in their pipeline for that particular format, following their instructions will make receiving your paperwork smooth for them.