Joining Process and Requirements

I have been successful in my job interview. When should I resign my present job?

We advise you to continue in your present job until:

  1. You have passed your pre-employment medical
  2. Your visa has been approved
  3. You have been assigned a joining date.

Sometimes, due to fewer openings onboard as expected, assignment of a joining date can be delayed. Also, if your visa or medical are not approved, then your embarkation will be postponed.

How long does the joining process take?

After getting selected, it normally takes between 1 and 3 months for you to join the ship. Your joining date will be assigned to you by the Concession or Cruise Company, depending on available vacancies onboard and keeping in mind the “Earliest joining date” indicated by you. Some of your pre-embarkation preparations (Such as the police clearance certificate) will be submitted with your application documents. However, the timing of the other documentation, such as visas and medicals must be planned according to your joining date.

What are the joining costs?

Pre-embarkation requirements and costs vary depending on the company and generally include medicals, police background check (PCC) Seaman Book and STCW’S Certifications (if needed) You will pay the service provider directly (Approved Doctors) or (STCW’S Facilities).

Please note that you will only be reimbursed for your visa fees

Will my employer pay for my airfare to join the ship?

Concessions require you to pay for your initial flight to join the ship on your first contract only. However, if needed to join urgently they might pay for your first flight and have it deducted from your wages while onboard (only in this situation)

After successfully completing your first contract, they will pay for your airfare to return home at the end of your contract and them provide return tickets  on subsequent assignments,

Can I do my pre-employment medical with any Doctor of my choice?

Pre-employment medical evaluations need to be completed only at an authorized medical facility in accordance with the requirements of MLC 2006.

After receiving a job offer, am I guaranteed to join the ship?

Your job offer is contingent on your ability to meet all of the embarkation requirement: Some selected crew are not able to join due to visa rejections or medical issues. If you keep us informed on your situation, you may re-apply for the visa or take as much time as needed to get medically fit.

What are the STCW'S Certificates and are they required?

Some Cruise Ship Companies require to have these, others like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Pullmantur only require the SECURITY AWARENESS CERTIFICATE.