How to get prepared to apply for a job onboard

If you are planning on working on a Cruise Ship now is the best time to start researching on the type of job you want.

Begin with researching the lifestyle onboard, this is a different way of working and living, some love it some hate it.

What position are you looking for, does it match your skills and experience? or maybe you need to develop new expertise?

When it comes to presenting your resume do it in a professional way accompanied by a cover letter with a brief introduction of yourself, abilities, and personal goals.

Research the Cruise Line or Concession you are planning to apply to. One of the frequent questions a Recruiting manager can ask is; What do you know about this company? If you haven’t researched, it could be embarrassing to not knowing nothing about the company that you want to work with, and on the other hand, it could be you not getting the job.

We don’t know when all this situation will be over, however, is a good opportunity to take your time and start planning for your future onboard.

One thing is for sure, sooner or later tourism will be resumed, also, the way we travel and cruise will not be the same, we need to be prepared to adopt all the new rules and regulations.