Cruise Ship Career Advice

When looking to find a job on a Cruise Ship or Concession onboard, it requires research. There are things to take into consideration before taking that step.

There is a significant change in lifestyle depending on the position, the best analogy that comes to mind is to compare a Cruise Ship with a huge Mall with a few differences in working hours, multi-cultural background employees,s and the place you will be working and living.

After researching different positions, then you will find the one that best suits your qualifications and experience.

There are many ways to apply for Cruise Ships Jobs, the one most people use is through a verified Recruiting Partners, throughout the world Cruise Ships Companies work with Sourcing and Recruiting Agencies, these independent contractors interviews and source applicants on behalf of the Cruise Line, those who are selected will undergo a series of interviews with one or several of the Cruise Company Recruiters, the amount of follow-ups interviews will depend on the position applied for.

Recruitment Partners are not allowed to charge any type of fees or payments whatsoever, because they are being paid by Cruise Lines or Concessions for each successful applicant placed onboard.

Requirements to be Eligible:

  • 21 years or older for most positions. (some Cruise Ships Will accept starting from 18years old)
  • Although some entry-level positions such as galley or hotel dept don’t require previous experience in the role.
  • Valid Passport and PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Some Cruise Lines may require STCW-S Certificates others provide the training onboard at no cost.
  • Valid visa. Crew Members joining a ship in US port will require a C1/D Visa. Also, citizens from Countries that are not Schengen friendly will require to enter the EU.
  • After selected and in possession of the above, Crew-Members will undergo a Full Medical Exam as per company standards.
  • Flights joining the vessel, depending on Cruise Lines, some will require Crew to purchase flight and others wouldn’t.

Too many applicants reduce their chance of getting a job because they are not prepared, don’t know where to start, or applied with the wrong people.

Who are we?

Here at Selective  Crew, we have vast experience working onboard and 11 years of experience as  Recruiting partners with several of the finest retail concessions onboard Luxury Cruise Ships.

How can we help you?

Many people who are in search of a job on Cruise Ships get lured into paying for courses they don’t need with the promise that after completion they will be placed on board, some of them wait for years and end up giving up on their quest.

We do not offer any courses or sell manuals on how to.

We give you the resources to use your own judgment to find the right cruise line, concession, or recruiting agency to apply.