Life onboard

How many months will I be working on board each contract and how much vacation time will I have?
The length of the contracts depends on the company and the position. Generally they are between 6 and 8 months, with a vacation of approximately 2 months between contracts. There is some degree of flexibility in the length of vacations, as long as you follow the procedures and stay in touch with the company. Contract are renewable based on your performance.
Do I need to pay taxes on income earned onboard?
No, so long you are not a US Citizen.Your onboard income is %100 tax free.
What happens if I require medical care while on board?

While you are on the ship you are covered by the company medical insurance, and fully equipped medical center on board will provide treatment free of cost. In case of a serious illness or injury, the company will arrange for your hospitalization in a port or fly you back home and pay for your treatment in your home country. When you are medically fit, you will be able to return to your job onboard.

Are there any living expenses onboard?

While onboard, your food, accommodation, and medical care are provided, free of cost, by the company. This gives an opportunity to save most of your earnings if you choose to do so.

What are the accommodation and onboard facilities like?

Crewmembers typically share a small but functional two-berth cabin with another member of their team. You will have access to the crew cafeteria, crew bar, crew gymnasium, crew deck, swimming pool. For staff crewmembers will have some privileges like going to gust area and have access to restaurants, bars, lounges etc. need to be in uniform and with your name tag, always keep in mind that guest are a priority, 

What types of food are available onboard?

There are crew galley’s and cafeterias serving a variety of cuisines to the tastes of crew members of different nationalities.

Will I be able to go ashore when the ship is in port?

Yes, depending on your duties roster (some crew have to be on duty even when in port) you are free to visit the ports of call during your off-duty hours, subject to local immigration laws.

Can I do shopping when the ship is in port?

Yes, you can shop when you are ashore. In addition, you may get crew discounts when you buy anything from the onboard duty free shops.

What is the cruise line "Code of Conduct"?

Each company has documented rules and regulations onboard, and it is very important that you read, understand and follow them. Cruise Lines have a zero-tolerance policy towards anti-social behavior like physical aggression, excessive consumption of alcohol, sexual harassment, and racism. They also follow zero-tolerance policy on illegal drugs. If drugs are found in your possession, you will lose your job and will be disembarked  immediately, you will face criminal charges. 

What should I do if I have a complaint?

All cruise lines companies have documented complaint procedures to address and resolve any issues raised by the crew in a fair manner. We recommend that you read and understand the complaint procedure for your employer.

What are my chances of getting promoted and building a log term career?

Cruise lines and concessions onboard promote crew based on performance, rather than seniority, and prefer to promote within their existing crew pool. Since there is a continuous rotation of crew contracts, vacancies become available periodically and crew are evaluated frequently. So people who are hard-working, take pride in doing their jobs well, and show a positive attitude have very good chances of being promoted and advancing in their careers.