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When looking to find a job on a Cruise Ship, it requires research. There are things to take into consideration before taking this step. If the job requires experience in the field, applicants MUST have this qualification and it is not negotiable.

There is a significant change in lifestyle, this is for all positions onboard, an analogy is to compare a Cruise Ship with a huge Hotel including a shopping mall moving constantly and visiting different countries all this with certain differences, you will be trained in security measurements in case there is any emergency and will have to abide by rules and regulations when it comes to securty and behaviours, it is a multicultural environment and your home for the leght of your contract.

You must be positive of the position that you are going to apply for and make sure that you posses the experience and qualifications for the position require.

There are many ways to apply for Cruise Ships Jobs, one the most popular is through an approved recruitment partner (These Agencies will never ask for any type of fees or monies to place a candidate onboard) Throughout the world Cruise Lines companies and concessions work with sourcing and recruiting agencies, these independant contractors source and interview applicants on behalf of their Clients, those who are selected will undergo additional one on one interviews with companies recruiters, the amount of follow – ups interviews will depend on the position applied for.

Recruitment Partners are not supposed to charge any type of fees or payments whatsoever, as they are being paid by Cruise Lines and Concessions for their sourcing and Recruitment Services and for each successful applicants placed onboard.


Requirements to be elegible

  • 21 years or older for most position. (Some Cruise Lines will accept starting from 18 years old)
  • Some entry level positions such as Hotel and Galley don’t require previous experience
  • A valid passport is a MUST, and PPC (Police Clearance Certificates)
  • Some Cruise Lines may require STCW’S Certificates, others will provide the full training onboard at no cost.
  • Ability to obtaining a C1/D visa with the Letter Of Employment provided by Cruise Line or Concession, also, citizens from Countries who are not Schengen friendly will require a Schengen visa to join a vessel in the European Union.
  • After having the required Visas at hand Crew-Members will require to undergo a full medical exam at an approved medical facility provided by the Cruise Line.
  • The majority of Cruise Lines and Concessions will require New Hire to purchase their initial joining flight (all others will be provided by the company) a few of them will provide flights.

Who are we?

At Selective Crew we have the expertise on spotting out the right candidate, due to our experience working onboard and achieving success at our career at sea, nevertheless, more than 12 years of experience as Sourcing and Recruitment Partners with several of the finest Concessions onboard Luxury Cruise Ships.

how can we help you?

Many aspiring Crew-Members who are in search of a position onboard get lured into paying for courses they don’t need with the promise that after completion they will be placed on their dream job, and the call never comes, they are some courses that are mandatory depending on the Cruise Company such as the STCW’S and Others will ask to have the Security Awareness Certificate in order to join, these are completly legit.