Why do all cruise line jobs require me to be fluent in English?

In the cruise line industry, both passengers and crew come from many different countries and speak various languages, but English is the common language for all. Crewmembers must, therefore, speak English fluently to communicate effectively with both passengers and fellow crew-members. English is also the language used for safety procedures. Some cruise lines require candidates to pass an online test (the required passing score depends on your position on board) 

Do cruise lines hire "freshers?

No, at least one-year experience in the position required

Are appearance important?

The successful cruise line look is well-groomed, and includes dressing in a professional manner, wearing appropriate hairstyles, jewelry, and makeup, and always being ready to smile! For many positions and companies, visible tattoos and extra piercings are not allowed, they may need to be covered or removed. Being physically fit and maintaining a good BMI (Body Mass Index) will help you to have the stamina to cope with the demands of the job,

Are customer service and sales skills important?

All positions that involve interacting with guest require strong customer service skills, which includes: being welcoming, providing immediate service and solving problems, displaying appropriate behavior at all times, and making the cruise experience pleasurable and memorable for all guest, Our positions require good sales skills. 

What qualifications are required to work on a cruise line?

Appropriate qualification in the position you are applying for.