Our shipboard recruitment partners shared these insiders tips to help ensure your application is perfect!

  1. Submit your application /  resume in English only.
  2. Be sure to list all relevant work experience related to the position you are applying for.
  3. Include your most recent work first.
  4. Include the complete name of the company, the job you held start and date.
  5. If you have periods of unemployment in your work history, always explain.
  6. Be sure to include your correct email address and phone number (with country code)
  7. Include the proficiency level of any language you speak.

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APPLY HERE If you have read all the information pertaining to Sales Associates position and decided that you have all the qulifications listed

How to apply to be successful


We don’t pretend for this article to be a guideline when applying for this particular position (Duty-Free Sales Associates) is just a brief compilation of advice based on our experience as a Recruiting Agency for Retail Concessions on board.


Research about the position you are applying first, I guess if you are reading this article is because you came to this website interested in working in the Duty-free Retail job on board luxury Cruise Ships.

Find out about the different concessions that own shops on board, read as many articles you find about them, compare opinions from crew members on board, and finally decide which one you consider to apply with.


This is the most common phrase we hear or read when people call us or send us an email ” I want to work on board a cruise ship on anything that matches my profile” There is no such a job on board, there is a variety of jobs, from Captain to Cleaner, with this said; you need to be specific and most important you need to have all the qualification for this position unless it is an entry-level position such as hotel cleaner galley utility etc.

Another expression that we usually hear is “Please help me” with all sort of justification. We want all our applicants to acknowledge that most agencies are not in the helping business and are not charitable organizations, we have requirements specified by our clients or cruise ship lines that applicants should posses.

Well Tailored CV

Prepare a CV with accordance to the position you are applying for i.e. If you are applying for Sales Associates job make sure to list your experience and qualifications for this position, please note; if it happen to be that you are an Engineer, or other professions that have nothing to do with sales it is fine, but focus on the qualifications for the position on board, in this case Duty-Free Sales Person.


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