Together we create

Our Mission

To provide all  tools and information to those interested in working onboard luxury cruise ships.

Your success is ours, our main target is to help you reach your goals and advance in your career, if you shine Selective Crew will shine as well.

Extraordinary Experiences

During our journey  we have encountered great people who have endured and succeed creating a great career onboard and have taken their calling to a next level.

Several of them have been promoted to supervisors and managers which make us proud of our candidates.

Selective Crew is here to guide you and walk with you during the whole process until you are soundly onboard.

Our Core Values

Selective Crew, Do not charge any kind of fee or compensation in any form in order to to guide an applicant through the recruiting process finalizing with the crew member successfully onboard.

However, after selected there will be some expenses our selected candidate will need to cover, those are: