MLC 2006 

Selective Crew Recruiting Agency is in compliance with MLC (Marine Labour Convention), 2006 abide by all rules and regulations stated in the convention.



COVID-19 Must Know News

COVID-19 Travel Recommendation by Country

Geographical risk assesment for COVID-19 Transmission. Following the link, click on the map to get country-specific travel health informationabout COVID-19

John Hopkins Covid-19 Resource Center

John Hopkins experts are aggregating data from multiple credible sources to mtyrack the spread of COVID-19. Map data is updated in nearly real-time throughout the day.

CDC'S Role in helping Cruise Ships Travelers during the COVID-19 pandemic

As of April 4, 2020 CDC has updated its recommendation to help US cruise ship travelers (passengers and crew) get home as quickly and safely as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic


The way we  cruise and work onboard will be changing after Covid 19

The experience of taking a cruise or being part of the staff onboard are going to be changed forever by the Covid 19 situation, Cruise Lines are one of the most affected industries that have been smacked by the pandemic, and for sure is probably never return to normal.

The whole onboard operation are going to be affected, they are going to be stricter rules for both guest and staff, restrictions will be enforced to minimize social contac.

The changes will take place all through from booking with your agent to the end of the cruise.  For the elder, they will be required to disclose their medical history and doctor’s authorization to prove that they are simply fit to travel, all guest could also be required to provide proof of travel insurance, at the same time initial joining medicals for the crew will much more stricter.

Cruise lines are expecting that an increased proportion of guest will want to book s balcony cabin, this might drive down the cost of inside cabins and that we may even see more ships built without inside cabins in the least. There are already some cruise lines which don’t have inside cabins but these tend to be on the expensive side of the cruise ships standards.
One of the most important issues for cruise ships when it comes to illness is preventing large groups os passengers from gathering at any time in one place. to stops this cruise line may have to stagger embarkation times and provide separate waiting areas.

All Onboard

All the important changes will come from the onboard exprience, Cleaning, dining, entertainment, shopping, spa, shore excursions etc. These areas will be improved dramatically.



Career Advise


Selective Crew not only provide you with the latest retail jobs onboard but also valuable information for job seekers, use the information on this page to increase your chances of landing your dream job in the retail department onboard.

Starting a career on board is not only a professional challenge, but is also a significant change in lifestyle.


It may take some time to acclimate to your new environment but with flexibility, an open mind and enthusiastic professionalism, you will soon become an essential part of the team.




Submitting your Resume and Cover Letter


We’ll look forward to receiving your resume and cover letter over email. Keeping in mind that your resume is a snapshot representation of your professional qualifications, it’s an excellent opportunity to portray with confidence all that you’ve achieved, to reflect your potential contributions to our team.


We want you to be successful, and the most important part of success is you!

the interview process

If your qualifications fit well with the requirements for the position offered, we will reach out to you for a preliminary screening.

Depending on the role there may be one or more follow-ups interviews with a recruiting manager. These conversations are intended as opportunities for us to learn more about your background, take advantage and ask as many questions as you’d like, once the decision is made, we will notify you of your status.

Once you are ready to be Hired

If you are approved and decide to embark on this exciting journey, there will be many details to consider, in preparation for your first assignment.

Among them are three important items:

Fit For Duty

In the interest of health and safety, all at sea employees must successfully complete a pre-employment medical examination (PEME) prior to joining the ship. This is a thorough medical examination, to ensure that the crew member is able to perfom the required duties of the position and any safety emergency drill.

Background Check

One of our most important requirements is your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), we receive them in Spanish and English if your language is not any of these please have it translated to English.

Clearance of criminal check is required for all crew members.

Ready to Travel

In order to be able to work on board, you will need certain documents, you must, of course, have a Passport from your Country, and it must be valid for at least one year, you may need a Seaman’s book, and/or additional visas (i.e C1/D visa, travel visas. Schengen visa if requiired.

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