Cruise Careers

retail jobs onboard luxury cruise ships

I highly appreciate the opportunity given by Mr. Polo and Miss Padilla, the procedure was easy, and smooth. They were always willing to assist to my questions. Great team!

Do you want to be part of our database of applicants for retail sales onboard?


  • MUST have valid C1/D Visa / and or STCW Courses
  • Experience onboard / Sales, Customer Service or Bar Dept.
  • Latest Appraisal or Evaluation.
  • Excellent communication skills and Ability to work under pressure.

Please note that this is in order to have a robust database of applicants ready to embark as soon as the Cruise ships Industry returns to operation.

Do not send your resume if you do not have  Valid visa/or STCW courses.

All documents MUST be sent in PDF format.

Please upload your resume along with your valid visa/and,or stcw's courses