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“A Journey is best measured in friends, not in miles.”

– Tim Cahill

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Do you want to be part of our database of applicants for retail sales onboard?

We are in search of candidates who has experience onboard and posses valid C1/D visa and/or STCW’S Certificates. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Cruise Lines have been on pause and we don’t know for sure when it will be back to normal, but we would like to be prepared for when this happen in order to supply our clients with qualified candidates as soon as they require it.

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Do not send your resume if you do not have  Valid visa/or STCW courses.

All documents MUST be sent in PDF format.

MLC 2006

Selective Crew Recruiting Agency is in compliance with Marine labour convention 2006 (MLC 2006) 

Important notice to our selected applicants

We are an authorized Cruise Ships Employment agency located in Colombia, with more than 20 years onboard and in the Cruise Line Recruiting industry. 

We are recognized by our core values, transparency  and integrity when it comes to provide the best candidate possible to our clients. Our candidates are guided  throughout the entire process until they are successfully embarked.

For those of you who did your process with Selective Crew and are awaiting for assignments, please be patients and visit our site regularly for updates, we know that you made an investment for your visa and medicals, no body expected this situation to occur, when things get back to normal if still interested contact us and we will do our best to get you onboard.

Remember we are all in this, the tourism industry is affected all over the world.

Selective Crew doesn’t receive any type of compensation from our candidates or placed crew members.

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Selective Crew

A beacon for those in search of a Duty Free Sales Associates job onboard Luxury Cruise Ships.

Travel the world while earning

Pursuing a career on Cruise Ships will definitely broad in your perspective of the world you will learn about different cultures while making lifelong friends from every corner of the globe

Thousands of Crew Members and tourism industries who makes a living from travel have been affected by the current situation.

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During these days of uncertainty, the most famous word all over the place is reinvention, however, there is no information on how it works, been creative on the other hand might be the solution for those with an entrepreneurial mindset. We are living in one of the greatest times of humankind and we have technology
Bahamas are closing borders to American citizens including cruise ships The government of the Bahamas took a difficult decision to close border to US travelers even though it impacts local businesses and cruises due to the large amount of COVID-19 infections within the United States. This order will take effect on Wednesday, July 22 midnight.